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A retelling of the first Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. When the natural disasters that plague the Pokemon World worsen, five humans are called in and turned into pokemon to hopefully fix things. Can these humans and their new friends save the Pokemon World? Psh, of course they can. Problem is, some pokemon might have a problem with former humans staying in their world. Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Pokemon and PMD is Copyright GameFreak/Nintendo.
596 - Declawed
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Ain't dead yet hey March 31st, 2017, 1:22 pm
So hey I didn't mention this during the previous update but I was ill at the time, at that point I thought it was just another one of my very common colds and didn't think much of it but it turns out it left me feeling like complete shit physically on top of the depression I had for practically an entire month. Fantastic

There's some good news to this, however, for one I've actually finished setting things up again. I ran into various problems along the way, but for now more or less I'm all set up again. I'm also feeling better both physically and mentally, I'm still feeling kind of tired but like hell I'm going to disappear for another year

Expect updates to resume either Sunday or Monday
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