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January 10th, 2012, 11:45 am

Zapdos: Loud as lighting

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Author Comments

Kenny the fox January 10th, 2012, 11:45 am
Zapdos numero...dos He's the loud one of the trio.He's based off a certain LPer i like to watch.
Also,this comic is 90% game script.Yay.
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User Comments

Shard January 10th, 2012, 11:48 am
If Zapdos is the loud one, then I dread to see Moltres...
Gigi19972010 January 10th, 2012, 12:44 pm
There isn't any problem to be scared of a bird... That can shoot lighting...
Kenny the fox January 10th, 2012, 1:08 pm
@Shard: Me too.
@Gigi19972010: A bird that looks like it just got hit by lighting.
brawlisgood (Guest) January 10th, 2012, 4:23 pm
has anyone noticed that now, Zapdos appears on the title-thingy?
Just letting you know
GokentoPower May 8th, 2014, 4:46 pm
gyarados is scarier.
Blaze01 (Guest) July 24th, 2017, 12:32 am
@Kenny the fox: I know you probably won't see this, but... What LPer are you talking about? Jacksepticeye? Dashie? Markiplier? 8-Bit Ryan? Darkkefka (especially when the number 666 keeps popping up in his Final Fantasy LPs...)?
HimoriKenshi July 24th, 2017, 8:51 am
@Blaze01: I initially based the kanto birds off of TheRunawayGuys' personalities. Zapdos here was Chuggaaconroy, Moltres was NCS and Articuno ProtonJon. Nowadays the only LPer I actually follow is Jon tho

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