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Encounter with Latios

October 10th, 2012, 10:19 am

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Author Comments

Kenny the fox October 10th, 2012, 10:19 am
LATIOS! One of my favorite Legendary Pokémon! Inside one of my favorite dungeons! It's favorites everywhere!

Anyways, yep. Battle with Latios, begin. I remade those ''VS'' thingies to look more like the ones found in Mega Man, BTW. Don't know if the change is final though.
Advertisement October 21st, 2019, 3:31 am

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User Comments

DarkflameX October 10th, 2012, 10:58 am
how did you get those VS thingies i want to use them for my comic
Kenny the fox October 10th, 2012, 11:06 am
@DarkflameX: I made them.
hippo986 October 10th, 2012, 2:43 pm
Bottom row daycar ereference?! I onc enicknamed a Skarmory rights and put it in th edaycare. End result: If you want your rights back, it will cost you 300 Poke. I also did it with a Mareep named family, a Typhlosion named buttocks, a Beedrill named money, and a Slugma named virginity.
Riskfan October 10th, 2012, 5:28 pm
Kenny the fox October 10th, 2012, 7:26 pm
@TTTProductions: Yep.
@hippo986: *Sees pokémon nicknames*... What is wrong with you
@spark70708: Yeah but... seriously why
hippo986 October 10th, 2012, 8:01 pm
@Kenny the fox: Everything. (Oh and the Slugma was name dby my older brother. XD)
Kenny the fox October 10th, 2012, 8:25 pm
@hippo986: If i had a name like that, i would probably kill myself.
GengarZilla October 11th, 2012, 8:56 am
@hippo986: Oh, lol. Odd nicknames are usually funny.

And on that topic, who here has named a Ditto "Sexslave"?
Lady Darkrina October 12th, 2012, 5:03 am
Latios has always been my favourite Eon Pokemon too, he was epic^^
Minin (Guest) February 20th, 2019, 5:03 pm
Team pokrya vs lojeos!

Minin (Guest) February 20th, 2019, 5:06 pm
Wats the wornin for?

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