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Wild Ghost Pokémon Case

October 30th, 2012, 11:33 am

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Kenny the fox October 30th, 2012, 11:33 am
Well, got a new battery charger, and managed to finish and post this page after all!

Anyways, yeah. Wild Pokémon are dangerous like that.
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User Comments

1ce_k1d October 30th, 2012, 12:49 pm
@Kenny the fox: Don't ASK how many times I've dies in PMD EOD.
hippo986 October 30th, 2012, 2:34 pm
If tou ask me any pokemon that knows ominous wind or silver wind or earth power is a major threat to most pokemon.
lstaff4 October 30th, 2012, 3:53 pm
If that Shuppet did try to kill them, they wouldn't have a GHOST of a chance.

I'm so bad at this. (:
Kenny the fox October 30th, 2012, 7:48 pm
@1ce_k1d: ...It was Darkrai, wasn't it?
@hippo986: earth power GODDAMN NIDOQUEENS
@lstaff4: Oh, that was so bad...
Light/Pokemon the hedgehog October 30th, 2012, 7:55 pm
Oh god, this reminds me of something that happened a couple of days ago. It went kinda like this: *Pops in a EOT cartridge* "Wow I haven't played this game in a while! Well... There is the fact that it was my first game...And that I beat it already..." *Looks at the death count* "Oh...My...God..." *It reads: You have fainted in dungeons 100000 times* ".........NEW RECORD!"
But yeah, I sucked at that game. But at least I beat it.
GengarZilla October 31st, 2012, 8:14 am
@Kenny the fox: Yes, those Nidoqueen gave me so much problems too. Good thing I managed to get a Steel Globe to give me an immunity to the type.
@Light/Pokemon the hedgehog: Oh, that must have sucked.
thelinkmaster001 October 31st, 2012, 8:27 pm
Minin (Guest) February 22nd, 2019, 5:24 pm

It's a good thing your friendly
Nnnnnnoooooooo I don't wont to die!!

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