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Nicipher's Introduction

June 17th, 2016, 9:03 am

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HimoriKenshi June 17th, 2016, 9:03 am
Because mass human genocide is always fun
foxpuff June 17th, 2016, 1:25 pm
I do wonder just what they have against humans.
Poké fan 1 (Guest) June 17th, 2016, 7:21 pm
@foxpuff: When mewtwo was mad by team rocket it had lots of pain. Eventually he escaped and told these Pokémon about it and they thought all humans were like that. This comes from red/blue plot and me piecing things together.
Guest June 18th, 2016, 7:55 pm
@Poké fan 1: but then comes the question of
"How did mewtwo reach the world they are in" or did he already have the power to do that, and if that's the case he would have tried to destroy all the humans in that world hense the first movie happens. If that's the case he would have met ash who showed mewtwo that not all humans are bad would have changed his ways and not be like thi- oh you were talking about red and blue....not the anime series..... A k a w a r d &#128528;
HimoriKenshi June 19th, 2016, 9:02 am
@Poké fan 1: Mewtwo isn't actually artificially made in this comic's canon, it's naturally ocurring. But apart from that, you aren't too far off.

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